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Performance Characteristics of Fiber Modified Asphalt Concrete Mixes


Asphalt binder modification is one of the approaches taken to improve pavement performance. In addition it may also be improved through the addition of fibers to Asphalt mix that enhances material strength and fatigue characteristics while adding ductility. Due to their inherent compatibility with Asphalt concrete and excellent mechanical properties, fibers offer an excellent potential for modification of Asphalt concrete mix. To investigate the behavior of Fiber Modified Asphalt Concrete Mixes (FMACM), a preliminary study has been done to determine the feasibility of modifying the behavior of a Asphalt Concrete (AC) mixture through the use of Glass fiber and Polyester fiber. The purpose of this study was to identify and understand the factor that is responsible for improving the behavior of FMACM. Asphalt concrete samples were prepared and tested in the laboratory to evaluate the various mixture characteristics. The conclusions drawn from the study on testing of fiber-modified mixes are that fiber modified Asphalt mixtures have shown increased stiffness and resistance to permanent deformation. Fatigue characteristics of the mixtures were also improved. Fibers used in the study were of high tensile strength therefore test results of FMACM have shown higher indirect tensile strength and improved skid resistance for paving applications.

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