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Over the last twenty years a growing number of researchers have been interested in female entrepreneurship. Every third business venture in the world is run by a woman. Brief Women business owners face substantial risks and uncertainty. Women tend to take entrepreneurial risks if provided with various forms of support that increase their sense of psychological safety and work comfort. The below study findings identify the most useful support methods. The subject of the survey was to determine on a scale of five the usefulness of individual forms of business support. Respondents answered, how useful is listed form of business support. Support should be tailored to the demographic characteristics of women. In depending on the stage of life and life situation women need different support. The barriers to women entrepreneurship result not as much from difficulties in obtaining funding but rather from the frustration resulting from unfulfilled social needs. Access to support from the state, social organizations and family members increases the sense of psychological safety and work comfort in women, leading to a greater propensity to take risks and start and run businesses.