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  • Author: Małgorzata Nazarkiewicz x
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Wpływ Wapnowania i Nawożenia Mineralnego na Odczyn, Kwasowość Hydrolityczną, Wymienną Oraz Zawartość Glinu Wymiennego w Glebie Płowej

Wpływ Wapnowania I Nawożenia Mineralnego Na Zawartość Przyswajalnych Form Fosforu, Potasu I Magnezu W Glebie Płowej


The research was carried out on a permanent fertilization field in the area of the Rzeszow Foothills Region, with Haplic Luvisols formed from loess. The following plants were cultivated in a 4-year cropping system: pasture sunflower, winter wheat, potatoes and spring barley. Various mineral fertilizers NPK + Mg constans and various mineral fertilization NPK + Mg Ca constans were applied in the experiment. Liming was applied in the form of CaO (at the dose of 2.86 t Ca × ha.1). The experiment included 14 fertilizer objects, in 4 replications according to the method of random sub-blocks. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was applied in statistic processing for a double classification: liming (A) and mineral fertilization (B) . independently of liming. As a result of the testing, it was found that liming raised the content of Cr in Ap and Bt horizons. Mineral fertilization raised the content of Co and Cr in Ap and Bt horizons and Cd and Pb in Bt horizon. The combined effect of liming and mineral fertilization decreased the content of Ni and Co in Ap horizon and Cd in Bt horizon and raised the content of Cr in Ap and Bt horizons and Pb in Bt horizon.