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New Species of the Genus Eurytoma (Hymenoptera, Eurytomadae) from Ukraine and Israel

Two new species: Eurytoma kuslitzkyi Zerova, sp. n. from Israel and Eurytoma cornuta Zerova, sp. n. from Ukraine are described. The first species belongs to the robusta species group, and differs from other species of this group by the structure of the mesosternal shelf with two projections. The second species belongs to the compessa species group and differs from all other species of this group by the sharp corn on mesopleura.

Systematic Position of the Genus Nikanoria (Hymenoptera, Eurytomidae), with Description of Two New Species

The genus name Nikanoria is resurrected from synonymy and considered to be separate from Bruchophagus based on analysis of morphological characters and trophic associations. Nikanoria pygmaea Zerova, sp. n. and N. deserta Zerova, sp. n. are described.

A New Species of the Genus Pseudotorymus (Hymenoptera, Torymidae) From Crimea

Pseudotorymus juniperi Zerova, sp. n. is described and compared with similar species of Pseudotorymus. The new species is reared from cecidomyiid galls on Juniperus excelsa.

A Review of Palearctic Species of the Genus Pseuderimerus (Hymenoptera, Torymidae) with a Description of One New Species From Iran

The Genus Pseuderimerus includes 9 species in the World fauna, six of them are Palaearctic. Pseuderimerus irani Zerova et Seryogina, sp. n. is described. A key to all palaearctic species is given. The holotype and paratypes of the new species are deposited in the collection of the Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv).

A Review of Eurytoma Pistaciae Species Group (Hymenoptera, Eurytomidae), with Description of Two New Species

Eurytoma pistaciae species group is reviewed to include eight species, of them six Palaearctic (E. pistaciae Rondani, E. spinipes Kalina, E. tokatensis Doganlar, E. narendrani Zerova, sp. n., E. doganlari Zerova, sp. n., E. ochraceipes Kalina), the latter one also in the Oriental Region and two species (E. arabica Risbec and E. tibiaspinae Zerova) known from the Afrotropical Region. E. doganlari sp. n. and E. narendrani sp. n. are described. A key to all species belonging to pistaciae species group is provided.

Two New Species of the Genus Sycophila (Hymenoptera, Eurytomadae) from Yemen

Two new species of the genus Sycophila Walker from Yemen are described. Sycophila yemeni Zerova, sp. n. (type locality: Ta'izz, Yemen) is similar to Sycophila kestraneura (Masi) (Africa) but differs in shorter radial vein and longer gasteral petiolus in female. Sycophila setulosa Zerova, sp. n. (type locality: Ta'izz, Yemen) differs from all known Sycophila species in having the long bristles at the base of parastigma (upper side).


A New Species of the Genus Ormyrus (Hymenoptera, Ormyridae) from the Steppe Zone of Ukraine. Zerova M. D., Seryogina L. Ya. - A new species (Ormyrus askanicus Zerova, sp. n.) is described from materials collected in reserve “Askania Nova” (Ukraine, Kherson Region). The new species belongs to orientalis species group (female gaster with dorsal median keel) and is near to O. novus Zerova, 2012.

New and Formerly Unknown Ormyridae Species from the United Arab Emirates (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)

Three new species (Ormyrus qurrayahi Zerova, sp. n., O. punctellus Zerova, sp. n. and O. novus Zerova, sp. n.) are described. Two first species belong to diffinis species group (female gaster without dorsal median keel). O. novus sp. n. belongs to orientalis species group (female gaster with dorsal median keel). In addition, two Palaearctic species of the genus Ormyrus are recorded from the United Arab Emirates for the first time. A key to Palaearctic Ormyrus species is provided.

New Species of the Chalcidoid Wasps of the Families Eurytomidae and Torymidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from Iran

Three new species of the Family Eurytomidae (Eurytoma lactucae Zerova, sp. n.; Bruchophagus trjapitzini Zerova, sp. n.; Nikanoria shohadae Zerova, sp. n.) and two species of Family Torymidae (Glyphomerus flavabdomen Zerova, sp. n.; Cryptopristus salviae Zerova, sp. n.) are described from Iran; ten palearctic species from the same Families are indicated for Iranian fauna for the first time (Eurytoma abdita Zerova, E. calicotomae Zerova, Eurytoma robusta Mayr, Bruchophagus astragali Fedoseeva, Adontomerus impolitus Askew et Nieves, Exopristoides hypecoi Zerova et Stojanova, Exopristus trigonomerus Ruschka, Idiomacromerus papaveris (Förster), Glyphomerus aylax Stojanova, Pseudotorymus militarsis (Boheman).


Redescription of T. phragmitis (Erdös) based on type material is given, along with new data on its distribution in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Israel, Tajikistan and Japan.