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M. Luty-Błocho, M. Wojnicki, J. Grzonka and K.J. Kurzydłowski


In this work, the synthesis of the spherical clusters containing 3-4 nm platinum nanoparticles enclosed in a polymer capsule is described. The process of nanoparticles formation was intensified by using a microreactor. The application of microreactor enabled us to shorten the time of redox reaction and nucleation stage up to 6 seconds at 105°C in comparison with the process carried out in a batch reactor at 40°C. Using Vitamin C as a bio-reducer of platinum(IV) complexes and biocompatible polymers, the products non-toxic and environmentally friendly, stable for at least 9 months, were obtained. Presented procedure for nanoparticles synthesis seems to be an alternative method for platinum recovery from solutions containing platinum(IV) chloride complexions.