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S. Rusz, A. Kłyszewski, M. Salajka, O. Hilser, L. Cizek and M. Klos

Device “DRECE - Dual Rolls Equal Channel Extrusion” is used for production of metallic materials with very fine grain size (UFG). During the actual forming process the principle of severe plastic deformation is used. Metallic strip with dimensions 57×2×1000 mm is inserted into the device. During the forming process the main cylinder in synergy with the pressure roller extrude the material through the forming tool without any change of cross section of the strip. In this way a significant refinement of grain is achieved by severe plastic deformation. This method is used for various types of metallic materials, non-ferrous metals and their alloys. The DRECE device is also being verified from the viewpoint of achievement of a UFG structure in a blank of circular cross-section (wire) with diameter of ϕ 8 mm × 1000 mm.

Open access

S. Rusz, L. Cizek, M. Salajka, S. Tylsar, J. Kedron, V. Michenka, T. Donic, E. Hadasik and M. Klos


One of the ways to the more effective use of metallic materials is their processing by forming. At present in this the area the use of the process of severe plastic deformation (SPD process), leading to a refinement of the structure (materials with UFG structure) and thus to achievement of higher level of their utility value, is expanding. AlMn1Cu alloy is commercially produced aluminum alloy by the company Al Invest Bridlicna (the cast strip with a mild reduction by rolling up to 10% to the thickness of 10 and 15 mm, which has its uses especially in engineering. AZ31 alloy is commercially produced aluminum alloy after casting and extrusion at 400°C on final rod with 20 mm diameter. For experimental purposes from the belts of alloys the test samples of the underlying dimensions of 10x10 mm length 40 mm (geometry with channel deflection 20°) and 15x15 mm length 60 mm (geometry with helix matrix) in the direction of rolling were made. All three instruments are made of high tool steel - HOTVAR. For compare the influence of geometry ECAP tool on structure refining was used AlMn1Cu and AZ31 alloys were used three specially made tools ECAP, differing mainly in the construction design.