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In the water bodies of Ukraine, 6 new species of naked amoebae were found: Saccamoeba sp., Ripella sp., Vannella lata Page, 1988, The camoeba sp., Acanthamoeba sp., Vahlkampfia sp. According to the current taxonomy, they belong to 3 classes, 4 orders, 5 families and 6 genera. New localities and original descriptions of the species are presented, along with brief characteristics of the corresponding genera. The camoeba sp. and Acanthamoeba sp. are first reported from the territory of Ukraine.

The species Rhzamoeba sp., Thecamoeba quadrilineata Carter, 1856, Thecamoeba verrucosa Ehrenberg, 1838, Flamella sp., and Penardia mutabilis Cash, 1904 are first reported in the fauna of Ukraine and described based on original material.


The biotopic and seasonal distributions of the naked amoeba species related to the specific morphotypes were analyzed on the territory of Zhytomyr and Volyn Polissya. It was demonstrated that the polytactic and, to some extent, rugose and branched morphotypes of naked amoebas have the adaptive significance and could have emerged as a result of adaptation to characteristic conditions of oligotrophic lakes. In turn, the formation of lanceolate morphotype may be associated with the adaptation to low water temperatures, whereas the formation of flamellian morphotype may be an adaptation to high temperatures.


Taxonomy of naked amoebae and specifics of their distribution in water bodies of Sumy Region are presented. Our research identified 12 species of naked amoebae of 11 morphotypes. We established their ecological groups relative to abiotic aquatic factors: euryoxidic, stenooxidic, stenobiotic and those that survive in a wide range of organic matter content. According to the species composition, swamp and riparian species complexes of naked amoebae were identified. It was found that species complexes of amoeba are influenced by such factors as temperature, concentration of dissolved oxygen and organic compounds.