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  • Author: Mădălina Fleancu x
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In a nanobiotechnology world with many applications in biomedicine, a novel combination of inorganic-organic materials is needed to prove a novel functionality. Natural compounds from bee pollen extract coated on magnetite nanoparticles could open up a new way in apitherapy field. Iron oxide nanoparticles have proved special requirements for biological applications like superparamagnetic properties, high biocompatibility and nontoxic material. Magnetite nanoparticles functionalized with natural bioactive substances extracted from bee pollen have been characterised and investigated for antimicrobial activity. Previous findings demonstrate that magnetite nanoparticles (MNPs) and pollen ethanolic extracts (PEE) exhibited antimicrobial activity against a large antimicrobial spectrum, including Grampositive, Gram-negative and antifungal microorganisms.