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Peter Sekerák, Valéria Hrabovcová, Juha Pyrhönen, Lukáš Kalamen, Pavol Rafajdus and Matúš Onufer

Ferrites and Different Winding Types in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

This paper deals with design of permanent magnet synchronous machines with ferrites. The ferrites became popular due to their low cost and cost increasing of NdFeB. The progress in ferrite properties in the last decade allows the use of ferrites in high power applications. Three models of ferrite motors are presented. It is shown that also the type of stator winding and the shape of the slot opening have an important effect on the PMSM properties. The first motor has a distributed winding, the second motor has concentrated, non-overlapping winding and open stator slots. The third motor has a concentrated non-overlapping winding and semi - open slots. All models are designed for the same output power and they do not have the same dimensions. The paper shows how important the design of an electric machine is for excellent motor properties or better to say how the motor properties can be improved by an appropriate design.