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The Informational Support in Educational Marketing Decision-Making Process in the Republic of Moldova


The presence of the organization on the market means its evolution in an extremely complex environment in continuous change. These characteristics of the marketing environment impose on the institution a systematic preoccupation for information adjustment, received data processing and analysis to properly substantiate the optimal decisions related to the market. The paper focuses on understanding various aspects of the informational support in the educational institutions decision-making process. The aim of the research is to determine the structure and content of the informational support in education marketing. Based on the literature review, different views are presented on the content and structure of the marketing informational support. This study describes the structure of Marketing Information System (MkIS) and explores its position in educational institutions. Finally, based on the survey results, the article presents the practical aspects of the marketing informational support availability and its use in decision-making process of schools in the Republic of Moldova.

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