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Wan Haslindawani Wan Mahmood, Nor Suhaila Mat Rifin, Salfarina Iberahim, Long Tuan Mastazamin and Rapiaah Mustafa


Background: Plateletpheresis procedures are thought to be generally safe without serious complications to the donor, and the products obtained are preferred over platelets derived from whole blood. However, safety issues about the donors have not been fully explored.

Objective: Investigate changes in hematological values after plateletpheresis in healthy volunteer donors.

Methods: A retrospective study was performed in 76 healthy donors at the Transfusion Medicine Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia between 2004 and 2009. Haemonetics MCS+ and Trima accel (Gambro BCT) separators were used during plateletpheresis. Pre- and post-donation hematological values such as Hb, Hct, platelet, and leukocyte counts were measured using Sysmex XE-2100.

Results: After each procedure, there was a significant reduction in hemoglobin (pre-donation: 14.9g/dl, postdonation: 14.7g/dL), hematocrit (pre-donation: 44.6%, post-donation: 44.1%), platelet count (pre-donation: 264.0x109/L, post-donation: 193.4x109/L), mean platelet volume (pre-donation: 10.0fL, post-donation: 9.7fL), and platelet distribution width (pre-donation: 12.3fL, post-donation: 11.8fL).

Conclusion: There were significant drops in the donors hematological values post plateletpheresis.