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MicroRNA regulated macrophage activation in obesity
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Forward, backward selection and variation analysis of growth traits in half-sib Larix kaempferi families


Tree height and diameter at breast height of 30 half-sib Larix kaempferi families were analyzed at different ages. Analysis of variance revealed a significant difference in growth among dif­ferent families. Phenotypic variation coefficients of the traits tree height and diameter at breast height among families of different ages ranged from 11.04 % to 31.74 % and 19.01 % to 19.83 %, respectively. Average heritability of tree height and diameter at breast height ranged from 0.87 to 0.96 and 0.93 to 0.96, respectively. Significant positive correlations were obser­ved among all traits at different ages. By the method of multip­le-traits comprehensive, six families (L18, L12, L8, L3, L25 and L20) were selected as being elite using a 20 % selection ratio at 12 years of age. Average values of these elite families were 11.15 % and 16.83 % higher than the total average for height and diameter at breast height, and genetic gains were 10.53 % and 15.79 %, respectively. Forty five elite individual plants were selected using a 5 % selection ratio which were 23.47 % and 24.90 % higher than the overall average for height and diame­ter at breast height, respectively.

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