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Depression of Neutrophil Function Followed by Severe Infection in a Child with Marasmic Kwashiorkor/ Намалување На Неутрофилната Функција Придружена Со Тешка Инфекција Кај Дете Со Маразмичен Квашиоркор


Malnutrition in childhood continues to be one of the most important risk factor for secondary immunodeficiency in the world; therefore one should think of existence of malnutrition in a child suffering of frequent infections, not only in developing country, rarely but still possible in developed country also.

Undernourishment in the early childhood is a trigger for starting a vicious cycle of impaired immunity, recurrent infections, and worsening malnutrition. Taking out from that cycle is an urgent and complex process, in which in parallel the infection should be controlled and the nutritional status solved out, and then, slowly follows the restoration of the immune system.

We present a patient at the age of 13 months, with marasmic kwashiorkor accompanied by severe infection manifested with sepsis. The laboratory investigations revealed severe anaemia, hypoproteinemia and impaired immunological response, first of all neutrophil dysfunction with decreased oxidative metabolic response during the phagocytosis, paralyzed first line of defense of the organism and open possibility for bacterial or fungal invasion, multiorgan failure and high risk for fatal outcome. Because malnutrition and infections had many causes, only multiple and synergistic interventions embedded in true multisectoral programs, fortunately, were effective and got positive outcome.

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