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Rafał Panek, Magdalena Wdowin, Lidia Bandura, Ewa Wisła-Walsh, Paweł Gara and Wojciech Franus


This paper presents the possibility of receiving the granular forms of a zeolitic material of the Na-P1 type obtained from high-calcium fly ash in a semi-technical scale by means of three compacting techniques. The compaction process was carried out using cement, molasses and water glass as binders. Each of the proposed compacting methods affected the textural parameters of the obtained granular zeolite forms, as well as the binders used. In comparison to the other binders it was found that the cement binder had the smaller impact on the values of the textural parameters of the obtained compacted zeolite forms. The surface area for the zeolite Na-P1 was 98.49 m2·g-1, for the cement as a binder was 69.23 m2·g-1, for the molasses was 52.70 m2·g-1and for the water glass was 40.87 m2·g-1. For this reason, the briquetting and extruding tests were carried out using cement as a binder.