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Safety of Flying in the Air in Aspect of Using Electronic Warfare Device

The paper presents some problems of the safety of military air forces in the area of enemy air defence. Recently, this problem has become one of the most important issues of fighting against terrorists. Presented are some threats and techniques of fighting them. On the grounds of the threats analysis in the air defence areas, the author tries to predict safety condition in function of the quality and effectiveness of an onboard electronic warfare system.

Possibilities of Improving Pilot's Situational Awareness through the Shaping of the Human-Machine Interface in Military Aircraft Cockpits

With determined individual perception capability, the pilot's safety during a flight depends on his situational awareness formed by information from the surrounding environment. The graphical data information may be modeled and performed to the pilot by a data interface of research simulator. The method of testing human-machine interface (HMI)described in this paper enables detecting special incidents (critical situations) influencing flight safety, and help making prevention efforts. The proposed research method can result in developing solutions for shaping the data interface, as well as ergonomic solutions in cockpits of military aircraft.

New Technologies for Air Traffic Security

Security of increasing intensity of air traffic requires significant technological support. In Europe, the dynamics of this phenomenon will be additionally stimulated by implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the air traffic. For effective operation of aircraft fleet it is necessary to employ new on-board diagnostic devices and flight recorders in order to evaluate technical condition of aircraft's instrumentation. Reducing the pilots' workload requires the development of new integrated digital avionics. On the other hand, in order to make the air traffic more secure, it is necessary to develop "sense and avoid" systems not only for UAVs, but for piloted aircraft, as well. On-ground support requires the effective airport/airfield protection and keeping airfield pavements well-maintained and safe.

Individual Protection of Aircraft as an Essential Factor of Flying in Conflict Zones and Terrorist Threat Areas

The paper presents ground-to-air weapon threats for aircraft, especially regarding man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) and the methods for reducing the threats. Polish participation in military conflicts along with international terrorism result in increasing threats for aircraft. The conducted analysis result in efforts for providing individual protection of aircraft and new countermeasures. Employment of these systems on military aircraft contributes to improved flight safety in threat areas, however expensiveness of individual protection systems make them uncommon on civil aircraft.