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Jelena Perić, Branislav Lekić, Vesna Reljić, Lana Ćirković and Dušan Škiljević


Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) is a parasitic skin disease caused by the accidental percutaneous penetration and subsequent intraepidermal migration of larvae of various nematode parasites of the hookworm family. The hookworms responsible for CLM are spread worldwide, but the infection occurs mostly in tropical and subtropical climates. Nowadays, because of ever increasing foreign travel, the disease is no longer confined to these areas. Moreover, a significant increase of autochthonous cases in southern Europe has been observed in recent years. We report two new patients from Serbia who acquired CLM, none of them having traveled abroad. As the recommendations for the treatment of CLM are not uniform, two different treatment modalities were applied in these patients, both with an excellent response.