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The Centrohelid Heliozoans (Protista, Centrohelida) of Algal Mats from the Water Body in Ukrainian Polissya

Pterocystis foliacea (Du#rrschmidt, 1985), Raineriophrys erinaceoides (Petersen et Hansen, 1960) and Acanthocystis dresscheri Siemensma et Roijackers, 1988 were observed in algal mats from the pond. All the three species are redescribed.

The Variability of Exoskeleton Elements in Polyplacocystis Ambigua (Protista, Centrohelida)

The Variability of Exoskeleton Elements in Polyplacocystis ambigua (Protista, Centrohelida). Gaponova L. P., Dovgal I. V. — Article dealt with the investigation of variability of the scales of periplast in Polyplacocystis ambigua (Penard, 1904). New quantative character of periplast scale (wide of rim) was introduced. Renewed diagnosis of P. ambigua where the quantative characteristics of perilpast scales are taken into account is given.


The seasonal variation of faunistic complexes of cyclopids has been monitored over 2007-2010 in ponds of tributary of the Vita River. The results of our investigation showed that eurythermal complex of cyclopid species dominated in all seasons except for summer period. In contrast to the previous studies, in summer period warm-water stenothermal complex of cyclopid species were the most abundant and reached the highest cyclopid nu`mbers