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Krzysztof Bielecki

Dr Jerzy Domalski (1944-2006)

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Mirosław Klukowski, Agata Wierzchowska and Krzysztof Bielecki

Left-Handed Surgeons

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Wiesław Tarnowski, Piotr Kamiński and Krzysztof Bielecki

Results of Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Cancer in Octogenerians Patients

The aim of the study was to estimate factors affecting results of surgical treatment of colorectal cancer in octogenarian patients in comparison with a group of younger patients.

Material and methods. Hospital records were reviewed prospectively and data were collected from a consecutive series of 1021 patients operated on because of primary colorectal cancer between 1988 and 2009.

Results. One hundred sixteen patients aged minimum 80 years of life were identified with an average age of 83.6 years. They were compared with 905 younger patients with an average age of 61.9 years. Co-morbidity, presentation in ASA 2, ASA 3 and ASA 4 score were significantly higher in octogenarian than in younger patients group. Emergent operations were performed significantly more often in octogenerians than in younger patients as well (31% versus 14% respectively). Resection of cancer and primary bowel anastomosis was performed less often in patients aged over 80 years than in younger patients (58.6% versus 70.9% respectively). Postoperative complications rate was significantly higher among the older than younger patients (43.9% versus 30.7% respectively). Mortality was higher in older than in younger patients (22.4% vs 5.7% respectively).

Conclusions. Results of surgical treatment of colorectal cancer in octogenarian patients are affected by higher co-morbidity and more often presentation of ASA 3 and ASA 4 score than in younger patients. Surgical treatment of colorectal cancer in octogenarians is burdened with higher rate of postoperative complications and almost four times higher mortality rate than in younger patients.

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Dorota Bonarska-Kujawa, Janusz Sarapuk, Krzysztof Bielecki, Jan Oszmiański and Halina Kleszczyńska

The aim of the study was to determine the protective action of extracts from apple, strawberry and chokeberry with respect to linoleic acid and the biological membrane exposed to oxidation induced by physicochemical factors. The activity of the extracts was determined by measuring inhibition of lipid oxidation in red blood cell membrane, induced with UVC radiation and the AAPH radical. The protective effect of the extracts was essayed fl uorimetrically and spectrophotometrically. These results together with the ones obtained earlier explain the mechanism of the interaction between the extracts and the red blood cell membrane. The mechanism consists in the incorporation into the membrane and screening the cell against oxidation. The results indicate that the extracts possess very good antioxidant properties, since at the highest concentrations used (0.1 mg/mL) they protect the biological membranes almost entirely against oxidation. Among the extracts studied the best antioxidant properties were exhibited by the apple fruit, which gave 80% or 100% protection of the membrane at 0.05 mg/mL concentration of dry matter, for UVC and AAPH inductors, respectively.

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Marek Szczepkowski, Tomasz Banasiewicz, Piotr Krokowicz, Adam Dziki, Grzegorz Wallner, Michał Drews, Roman Herman, Zbigniew Lorenc, Piotr Richter, Krzysztof Bielecki, Wiesław Tarnowski, Jan Kruszewski, Józef Kładny, Stanisław Głuszek, Wojciech Zegarski, Wojciech Kielan, Krzysztof Paśnik, Marek Jackowski, Mariusz Wyleżoł, Zoran Stojcev and Alicja Przywózka