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  • Author: Krzysztof Bartoszek x
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Inspired by the MaCzek Visual Basic program we pprovide an R package, RMaCzek, that produces Czekanowski’s diagrams. Our package permits any seriation and distance method the user provides. In this paper we focus on the “OLO” and “QAP_2SUM” methods from the seriation package. We illustrate the possibilities of our package with three anthropological studies, one socioeconomic study and a phylogenetically motivated simulation study.


This study evaluates the relationship between atmospheric circulation conditions and the frequency of heat/cold stress in Lublin in the years 1951-2010 according to the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI). The paper outlines the frequency and conditional probability of heat/cold stress during particular circulation types and analyses the circulation patterns that induce these incidences. Increased wind velocity had a significant effect on creating unfavourable bioclimatic conditions in winter. Meanwhile, in summer, heat stress was observed almost exclusively when a high pressure system from eastern Europe induced a slow inflow of very warm air masses from the east or south.