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  • Author: Krzysztof Łoziński x
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The Jewish symbols


In every culture, people have always used symbols giving them sense and assigning them a specific meaning. Over the centuries, with the passage of time religious symbols have mingled with secular symbols. The charisms of Judaism have mutually intermingled with the Christian ones taking on a new tribal or national form with influences of their own culture.

The aim of this article is to analyze and determine the influence of Judaic symbols on religious and social life of the Jews. The article indicates the sources of symbols from biblical times to the present day. I analyzed the symbols derived from Jewish culture, and those borrowed within the framework of acculturation with other communities as well. By showing examples of the interpenetration of cultures, the text is an attempt to present a wide range of meanings symbols: from the utilitarian, through religious, to national ones. It also describes their impact on the religious sphere, the influence on nurturing and preserving the national-ethnic traditions, sense of identity and state consciousness. The political value of a symbol as one of the elements of the genesis of the creation of the state of Israel is also discussed.

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