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Antoni Muszer, Adam Szuszkiewicz and Krzysztof Łobos

New Occurrence of Clausthalite (PbSe) in the Sudetes (SW Poland)

The presence of clausthalite in the area of old mining works near Dziećmorowice in the Sowie Mts (SW Poland) is reported here for the first time. The identification of the clausthalite is based on macro- and microscopic observations, reflectance measurements, chemical analyses and X-ray diffraction data. The clausthalite, together with uraninite, forms veinlets in a breccia comprising <50% calc-silicate rock fragments. Different polishing hardnesses suggest some variation in the mineral structure of individual clausthalite grains. Chemical spot analyses do not reveal elements other than Pb and Se though calculated unit-cell parameters may suggest minor substitution of S for Se.

Open access

Agnieszka Dejnaka, Katarzyna Kulig-Moskwa, Krzysztof Łobos, Joanna Nogieć and Mirosława Szewczyk


The article examines the general attributes which are in use by clients (students) in the process of evaluation of non-public colleges of business profile in Poland. The evaluations are presented in comparison with other academic institutions having the same profile, both independent and public ones. In the research part, the method of factor analysis was used with the aim of distinguishing the general values which are in students’ use. The most important conclusion resulting from the work is that students of non-public colleges perceive two basic types of attributes regarding a business school, that is practical and academic assets, yet they are most clearly governed by a more pragmatic than academic system of values and choose colleges which – beyond any doubt – offer the model of vocational teaching supported by practice.