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This paper presents the methodology and investigation of the sound power level produced by a radial piston aircraft engine operating at varied speeds. The research model aircraft engine of a maximum power of 5.5 kW with a two-bladed airscrew was placed on a test bend. Its sound power level was calculated from the sound pressure level measured at 9 measurement points distributed on a hemispherical surface in a confined space in line with PN-EN 3744. Mean sound power generated by the ASP FS400AR engine is 96 dB at idle (2,880 rpm) and 105 dB at a cruising speed (4,740 rpm). Accordingly, it can be concluded that a sound level meter registered a higher sound power level at the points in front of the model aircraft engine than at the points behind it, whereas the lowest sound power level was registered directly above the engine.


The article presents assumptions of the one-dimensional model of the ASz-62IR aircraft engine. This model was developed in the AVL BOOST software. The ASz-62IR is a nine cylinder, aircraft engine in a radial configuration. It is produced by the Polish company WSK “PZL-Kalisz” S. A. The model is used for calculating parameters of the fuel stream and the air stream in intake system of the engine, as well as for the analyses of the combustion process and the exhaust flow to the external environment. The model is based on the equations describing the isentropic flow. The geometry of the channels and all parts of the model has been mapped on the basis of empirical measurements of the engine elements. The model assumes indirect injection where the gasoline was used as a fuel with the calorific value of 43.5 MJ/kg. The model assumes a mixture of a stoichiometric ratio of 14.5. This model is only part of the overall the ASz-62IR engine model. After the simulation tests on the full model the obtained results confirmed the correctness of the model used to create the mixture. It was found that the AVL BOOST software is good for the implementation of this type of work.