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Marek Hara, Izabella Taranta and Konrad Pasek

Giant Abdominal Cyst - Case Report

We present a case of a 53-year old male patient who underwent elective surgery due to a giant abdominal cystic mass. Prior to the surgery, he complained of abdominal distention, growing abdominal mass and increasing nourishment problems. CT and ultrasonographic examinations revealed a giant abdominal cyst but failed to indicate the point of its origin. Intraoperatively a giant abdominal cyst was found, approximately 30x30x25 cm in size. The cyst was free-lying in the peritoneal cavity, except small area adherent to the stomach wall. Partial resection of the stomach wall was performed and the cyst was completely removed.

The postoperative course was uncomplicated. The pathological examination did not give an unequivocal answer as to the origin of the cyst, suggesting differentiation between a tumor of vascular origin and of stromal origin.

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Marek Hara, Grażyna Łaska and Konrad Pasek

Plasmocytoma - A Rare Couse of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding. Case Report

The study presented a case of 56-year-old male who underwent emergency surgery due to massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Prior to surgery, during the last two years the patient was hospitalized and diagnosed several times due to recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding. During the last duodenoscopy a presence of pancreatic tumor infiltrating distal part of the duodenum was shown. The patient was released home - further treatment was postponed until results of histological examination of biopsy were available. Before that the patient was admitted and underwent surgery in our hospital due to massive gastrointestinal bleeding. During surgery no pancreatic or duodenal tumor was found. We revealed a neoplasmatic tumor of small intestine, localized about 7-10 cm to Treitz' ligamentum. Resection of the intestine was performed. The postoperative course was uneventful. The histological examination of the specimen revealed an isolated extramedullary plasmocytoma of the small intestine.