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  • Author: Kazimierz Rykaluk x
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The instantaneous tangential rigidity (corresponding to the applied horizontal load) of a triguy support with unequal ropes is determined. The differences between the ropes can be due to the different location, both horizontal and vertical, of their anchoring foundations and to the different types of ropes used. The horizontal rigidity of such a support has no general axis of symmetry. Therefore a formula for this rigidity in any direction and a formula for extreme rigidity angles are given in this paper. A notion of the guy’s eigenvalue, standing for the initial tension force above which the guy participates effectively in the support’s rigidity, is introduced. A numerical example is provided.


The main objective of the presented paper is to discuss chosen lattice tower joint behavior under structure ultimate load. Joint numerical modelling considerations are enriched with comparison to the full-scale tower pushover test results. Two independent load cases were examined: 1) where the L-sections (diagonal bracings) are loaded by the axial force only and that forces are applied in the center of the member cross section, 2) where the L-sections are loaded by the axial force and the bending moment that reproduce the effect of the eccentric connection to the gusset plates by the one leg of the angle section is added. Differences in equivalent stresses state for two independent design situations allow for conclusion that additional bending moments should be taken into account, especially for thin-walled members.