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  • Author: Karolina Maja Sielicka x
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The presented research concerns the methodology for selecting settlements and road networks from 1:250 000 to 1:500 000 and 1:1 000 000 scales. The developed methodology is based on the provisions of the Regulation of the Ministry of Interior from 17 November 2011. The correctness of the generalization principles contained in the Regulation has not yet been verified. Thus this paper aims to fulfil this gap by evaluating map specifications concerning settlement and road network generalizations.

The goal was to automate the selection process by using formalized cartographic knowledge. The selection operators and their parameters were developed and implemented in the form of a generalization model. The input data was the General Geographic Object Database (GGOD), whose detail level corresponds to 1:250 000 scale. The presented research is in line with works on the automation of GGOD generalization performed by the National Mapping Agency (NMA) in Poland (GUGiK). The paper makes the following contributions. First, the selection methodology contained in the Regulation was formalised and presented in the form of a knowledge base. Second, the models for the generalization process were developed. The developed methodology was evaluated by generalizing the settlements and roads in the test area. The results of the settlement and road network generalization for both 1:500 000 and 1:1 000 000 detail levels were compared with the maps designed manually by experienced cartographers.