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Che-Hung Lin, Fang-Yan Dong and Kaoru Hirota


A protocol, called common driving notification protocol (CDNP), is proposed based on the classified driving behavior for intelligent autonomous vehicles, and it defines a standard with common messages and format for vehicles. The common standard format and definitions of CDNP packet make the autonomous vehicles have a common language to exchange more detail driving decision information of various driving situations, decrease the identification time for one vehicle to identify the driving decisions of other vehicles before or after those driving decisions are performed. The simulation tools, including NS- 3 and SUMO, are used to simulate the wireless data packet transmission and the vehicle mobility; the experiment results present that the proposed protocol, CDNP, can increase the reaction preparing time with maximum value 250 seconds, decrease the identification time and the average travel time. Prospectively, it is decided to implement the CDNP as a protocol stack in the Linux kernel to provide the basic protocol capability for real world transmission testing.