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Mohamed Ali, Musa M. Musa, Sulaiman Alfadul and K. Al-Sobayel


This study is aimed at investigating effects of supplementation of stallion’ semen extender with various concentrations of Gum Arabic (GA) versus egg yolk (EY) on viscosity, sperm motility and survival during cooling and freezing. Physical sperm characteristics; i.e. curvilinear velocity (VCL), straight line velocity (VSL), average path velocity (VAP), linearity (LIN) and straightness index (STR) were evaluated. Based on the sperm velocity (velocity of the average path), individual spermatozoons were classified into two major groups; i.e., progressively motile (>45 μm/sec) and immotile (0-45 μm/sec) spermatozoa. Addition of 3, 9 or 15% of GA to HF-20 extender resulted in linear decreases in VCL, VSL and VAP and a decrease in the percentage of progressively motile spermatozoa. Dilution of horse semen samples with high viscosityextenders (i.e., high percentage of GA) decreased the VCL, VSL and VAP in fresh and chilled semen. Freezing semen in high viscosity-extenders reduced percentage of progressively motile spermatozoa compared with those of low viscosity-extenders. In refrigerated and frozen semen samples, the extender containing 15% GA had detrimental effects on the percentage of progressively motile sperm cells and velocity of progressive motile sperm. Moreover, cooling sperm in extenders containing 9 or 15% of GA for 72 hours resulted in complete motility cessation. In conclusion, GA could replace EY in stallion semen extenders at a level of 3% to maintain the physical and biological characteristics of cold and frozen semen.