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  • Author: Julita A. Dunalska x
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Comparison of coagulation behaviour and floc characteristics of polyaluminium chloride (PAX 18, PAX XL19H, ALCAT) with surface water treatment


Coagulation behaviour of polyaluminium chloride (PACl) was comparatively investigated in terms of the removal of turbidity and colour with surface water. The growth of flocs was also compared. The results show that the decrease in saturation and values of dissolved oxygen was ca. 20% for ALCAT and PAX 18 at both dosages and 15% for PAX XL 19H, respectively. The floc formation growth indicated that PACl coagulation occurred not only by charge neutralization but also by a form of sweep flocculation. Besides, flocs formed by ALCAT had better sizes than the flocs formed by PAX 18 and PAX XL19H. The rate of sedimentation was stable during coagulation with higher doses, and it was dependent on the substance used.

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