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Case Report. Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Crowded Maxillary Anterior Teeth


In this case report we present the aesthetical correction of crowded anterior teeth in a patient who has refused the orthodontic treatment. We also discuss how this correction can be resolved from the point of view of dental prosthetic and what measurements can be helpful in order to collect the data used to restore a satisfying smile on the patient’s face using dental ceramic restoration. Case presentation: A 32-year-old patient complained about his crowded incisors. We examined the incisal curvature, the proportion between the height and the width of the teeth, and the relation between the widths of the teeth and the golden proportion. The results of the measurements were compared to the characteristic values of the ideal denture. After the examination of the dental plaster cast, calculating the difference between the existing space and the necessary space, we were able to calculate the lack of space, which caused the crowded teeth. Conclusion: Along the prosthetic planning, these measurements may serve as a guideline to the dentist as an objective basis for the formation of an aesthetic denture and smile.

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