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Viorel Paraschiv, Ovidiu-Miron Machidon, Doina Capsa and Judit Găină


The water catchment area of the Trotuş river lies on about 4340 square kilometers of which 66% are in the mountain area of the Central Group of the Eastern Carpathians (Moldo-Transilvans). In recent years the manifestation of natural hazards aggressiveness multiplied. In 2005 (12-13 July) and 2010 (26-27 June) Trotuş Valley was affected by strong floods that have produced great material damage. Hydro-technical works carried out after the 2005 summer hazard were swept away by the 2010 hazard, when were affected about 3,000 households in the upper course of the Trotus, most of the damage being recorded on the Agăş Creek Valley to the confluence with the Trotuş, the administrative territory of the commune Agăș, where about 2000 household suffered. The late melting snow on the Ciuc and Tarcău Mountains peaks mixed with summer rains determined total isolation of the Cotumba, Sulța, Goioasa and Coșnea hamlets. Provisory bridges realized on the main roads on the side valleys, where are many hamlets, renewed in 2009 summer, were quickly clogged and then swept away by the rough waters of the Trotus and its tributaries. In the upper basin of the Trotus. Over the past 20 years have been recorded up phenomena of paroxysm of the climatic and hydrologic hazards among which the creeks Grohotiş and Sulţa flooded the villages Goioasa and Sulţa. On the 12-13 July, 2005 the Creek Agăş flooded a part of the Agăş village, about 2 kilometers, in line, of households. Drăcoiu creek broke the wall of channeled flood reached exceptional values, the maximum flow at Vrânceni hydrometric station being of 2800 cubic meters/s (probability of overflow 0,5%) and the flood volume here was the biggest of all the existing measurements.