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Krzysztof Piotrowski, Joanna Koralewska, Bogusława Wierzbowska and Andrzej Matynia

Kinetics of the continuous reaction crystallization of barium sulphate in BaCl2 - (NH4)2 SO4 - NaCl - H2O system - neural network model

One of the main toxic components of post quenching salts formed in large quantities during steel hardening processes is BaCl2. This dangerous ingredient can be chemically neutralized after dissolution in water by means of reaction crystallization with solid ammonium sulphate (NH4)2 SO4. The resulting size distribution of the ecologically harmless crystalline product - BaSO4 - is an important criteria deciding about its further applicability. Presence of a second component of binary quenching salt mixture (BaCl2-NaCl) in water solution, NaCl, influences the reaction-crystallization process kinetics affecting the resulting product properties. The experimental 39 input-output data vectors containing the information about the continuous reaction crystallization in BaCl2 - (NH4)2 SO4 - NaCl - H2 O system ([BaCl2]RM = 10-24 mass %, [NaCl]RM = 0-12 mass %, T = 305-348 K and τ = 900-9000 s) created the database for the neural network training and validation. The applicability of diversified network configurations, neuron types and training strategies were verified. An optimal network structure was used for the process modeling.

Open access

Bogusława Wierzbowska, Krzysztof Piotrowski, Joanna Koralewska and Andrzej Matynia

Size-dependent growth kinetics of vitamin C crystals in water solutions of L(+)-ascorbic acid with the addition of methanol and ethanol

Growth kinetics of vitamin C crystals during the batch mass crystallization process in L(+)-ascorbic acid - methanol - ethanol - water system was determined. The linear growth rate values were estimated on the basis of the product crystal size distributions. The kinetic model of the continuous process in a MSMPR crystallizer was adopted for the batch mode description according to Nyvlt's conception, taking the sizedependent growth (SDG) rate effects into consideration. The kinetic parameter values were determined with a Rojkowski hyperbolic SDG model. A good compatibility between the experimental product crystal population density distributions and the SDG model predictions was observed. The interpretation of the kinetic data was presented and discussed.