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Jiří Bejtkovský


The factors influencing job search and job selection are related to employer branding, employer’s position and employer attractiveness on labour market. These factors make employer branding. A conception of employer branding is hot issue not only in scientific research area. The employer branding can be divided into internal and external branding. The main goal of this article was to discover the factors influencing the job search and job selection based on the gender of the respondents and the type of faculty in the employer branding context. The students of Generation Y introduced a research sample of respondents. The primary data was acquired by structured questionnaire targeted at selected students of Generation Y in the Czech Republic. The total number of respondents was 655 students. Two research hypotheses and one research question have been defined. An analysis was realized using statistical software IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) Statistics 23 and Microsoft Excel 2013. The verification of the research hypotheses was performed by the statistical method of the Two-sample t-Test for equal means. The research results discovered the findings that the mean perceptions of the factors influencing the job search and job selection: (1) were as the same for females and males, (2) were as the same for Generation Y students of the Faculty of Humanities (FHS) and Faculty of Management and Economics (FaME). Information about potential employers in the employer branding context was also investigated. The most frequent information about potential employers was information about job position and working conditions.