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  • Author: Janina Mihaela Mihăilă x
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Delia Monica Glodean, Diana Miclea, Gabriela Zaharie, Janina Mihaela Mihăilă and Amorin Remus Popa


Background and aims: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the frequency of demographic and clinical risk factors for fetal macrosomia, maternal pregestational, gestational and intra partum pathology associated with macrosomia, and to investigate the dynamic of these parameters in a decade.

Material and method: We conducted two studies, a case-control study of 261 mothers who delivered macrosomic babies and 241 mothers who delivered normal weight babies in 2016, and then we compared the parameters obtained from the study group of 261women who delivered in 2016 macrosomic babies with those of a study group of 220 women who delivered macrosomic babies in 2006 at Gynecology I County Hospital of Cluj-Napoca. The data was stored and analyzed using Microsoft Excel.

Results and conclusions: Overweight before pregnancy, the excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and the delivery of a macrosomic baby increase the risk to deliver in the future a macrosomic baby. Mothers who delivered macrosomic babies had a higher incidence of thyroid gland pathology (hypofunction) and gestational diabetes than those who delivered normal weight babies.