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Jan Ryś

The Procedure of Modification Coefficients in Planetary Gear Transmission

The aim of this article is to present the design procedure for determining modification coefficients of toothed wheels of involutes planetary gear train with internal conjunction of teeth. It is possible to obtain a higher load-carrying capacity which depends also on correction coefficients. For example, we take into consideration a concept of planetary gears in which the teeth can be corrected, which allows better fatigue and contact surface strength.

Two cases are considered when the namely zero center distance (without corrections) of the central and satellite wheels is the same or not, in relation to the zero center distance between the satellite and the sun wheel.

Geometrical dimensions are described with regard to the technological teeth correction scope, and inequality restriction conditions are determined with respect to the ISO standards recommendations and the literature. The procedure can be applied to any other planetary gears with another kinematic connection of wheels.

Open access

Filip Lisowski and Jan Ryś


The paper presents the methodology for designing the teeth conjunction of planetary gears in the planetary roller screw mechanism. A function of the planetary gears is to synchronize an operation of rollers in order to avoid axial displacements. A condition of the correct operation is no axial movement of rollers in relation to the nut. The planetary gears are integral parts of rollers and therefore an operation of the gear transmissions has a direct impact on cooperation of the screw, rollers and the nut. The proper design of gear engagements is essential for reducing slippage on surfaces of the cooperating threaded elements. For this purpose, in a designing method, both the limitations of operation and kinematic conditions of rollers’ operation have to be taken into account.