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Dariusz Mikielewicz, Michał Gliński and Jan Wajs

Experimental and theoretical study of dryout in annular flow in small diameter channels

In the paper the experimental analysis of dryout in small diameter channels is presented. The investigations were carried out in vertical pipes of internal diameter equal to 1.15 mm and 2.3 mm. Low-boiling point fluids such as SES36 and R123 were examined. The modern experimental techniques were applied to record liquid film dryout on the wall, among the others the infrared camera. On the basis of experimental data an empirical correlation for predictions of critical heat flux was proposed. It shows a good agreement with experimental data within the error band of 30%. Additionally, a unique approach to liquid film dryout modeling in annular flow was presented. It led to the development of the three-equation model based on consideration of liquid mass balance in the film, a two-phase mixture in the core and gas. The results of experimental validation of the model exhibit improvement in comparison to other models from literature.

Open access

Jan Gliński, Józef Horabik and Jerzy Lipiec


Agrophysics is one of the branches of natural sciences dealing with the application of physics in agriculture and environment. It plays an important role in the limitation of hazards to agricultural objects (soils, plants, agricultural products and foods) and to the environment. Soil physical degradation, gas production in soils and emission to the atmosphere, physical properties of plant materials influencing their technological and nutritional values and crop losses are examples of such hazards. Agrophysical knowledge can be helpful in evaluating and improving the quality of soils and agricultural products as well as the technological processes.