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Y.-K. Kim, J.-H. Kim, J.-H. Gwon and K.-A. Lee


This study attempted to manufacture an ODS alloy by combining multiple milling processes in mechanical alloying stage to achieve high strength and fracture elongation. The complex milling process of this study conducted planetary ball milling, cryogenic ball milling and drum ball milling in sequential order, and then the microstructure and tensile deformation behavior were investigated after additional heat treatment. The oxide particles distributed within the microstructure were fine oxide particles of 5~20 nm and coarse oxide particles of 100~200 nm, and the oxide particles were confirmed to be composed of Cr, Ti, Y and O. Results of tensile tests at room temperature measured yield strength, tensile strength and elongation as 1320 MPa, 2245 MPa and 4.2%, respectively, before heat treatment, and 1161 MPa, 2020 MPa and 5.5% after heat treatment. This results indicate that the ODS alloy of this study gained very high strengths compared to other known ODS alloys, allowing greater plastic zones.