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The Effect of Slip Velocity on Unsteady Peristalsis MHD Blood Flow through a Constricted Artery Experiencing Body Acceleration


In this analysis, we present a theoretical study to examine the combined effect of both slip velocity and periodic body acceleration on an unsteady generalized non-Newtonian blood flow through a stenosed artery with permeable wall. A constant transverse magnetic field is applied on the peristaltic flow of blood, treating it as an elastico-viscous, electrically conducting and incompressible fluid. Appropriate transformation methods are adopted to solve the unsteady non-Newtonian axially symmetric momentum equation in the cylindrical polar coordinate system with suitably prescribed conditions. To validate the applicability of the proposed analysis, analytical expressions for the axial velocity, fluid acceleration, wall shear stress and volumetric flow rate are computed and for having an adequate insight to blood flow behavior through a stenosed artery, graphs have been plotted with varying values of flow variables, to analyse the influence of the axial velocity, wall shear stress and volumetric flow rate of streaming blood.

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