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M. Shorohov, F. Muktepavela and J. Maniks

Surface Processing of TlBr Crystals for X- and γ-ray Detectors

A procedure for surface processing of TlBr crystals to be applied as X-and ?-ray detectors has been developed, providing removal of a mechanically destroyed surface layer by deep chemical etching, allowing the surfaces of good topography and thus the detectors with high energy resolution and stability to be obtained in a repeatable way. The surface quality and structural changes in the near-surface layer are estimated by the optical microscopy and indentation hardness technique.

Open access

F. Muktepavela, J. Maniks, L. Grigorjeva, R. Zabels, P. Rodnyi and E. Gorokhova


Transparent ZnO ceramics are of interest for use as material for high-efficiency fast scintillators. Doping ZnO ceramics in order to improve complex of their properties is a promising direction. In the present research, the role of indium in the ZnO nanopowders surface interactions and in the change of microstructures and photoluminescence (PL) characteristics of sintered cera-mics is considered. Undoped and 0.13 wt% In doped ZnO ceramics are obtained by hot pressing sintering. It has been found that indium leads to the transition of initially faceted ZnO particles to rounded, contributing to good sintering with formation of diffusion active grain boundaries (GBs). Unlike ZnO ceramics, ZnO:In ceramics microstructure is characterised by the trans-crystalline mode of fracture, faceted GBs with places of zig-zag forms and predominant distribution of In at the GBs. Such indium induced modifications of GBs promote removal of point defects and reduce PL parameter α = Idef/Iexc in comparison with the undoped ceramics. Results characterise ZnO:In cera-mics with improved GBs properties as a prospective material for scintillators.