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Utliukskiy Liman is one of three typical and at the same time unique limans in the northwestern part of the Azov Sea Region of Ukraine. Despite the considerable anthropogenic transformation of the liman it continues to be a valuable wetland for migratory waterbirds. The current publication based on data collected from 1994 to 2015, in the period of autumn migrations 19 counts were conducted at Utliukskiy Liman. In total 1,134,832 ind. of 90 waterbird species (8 orders) were recorded. Averagely at liman were presented 59,728 waterbirds, with maximum 115,095 individuals. Throughout the season, many characteristics of waterbirds at Utliukskiy Liman are varying significantly due to the timing of migration of different waterbird species and their abundance. Detail information on this is presented in the paper. Among the counted birds, 60 species have certain conservations status. Maximum number of 20 counted species exceeded 1% of their geographical populations. According to obtained results, Utlyukskiy Liman occupies a stable place among the five most valuable wetlands of the Azov-Black Sea coast of Ukraine — in different years from 5th to 1st place on the total number of waterbirds.


In the period from 2004 to 2015, in the Azov-Black Sea region of Ukraine and the adjacent territories five simultaneous August Counts covered all key coastal wetlands were conducted. They were primarily aimed at studying the abundance and spatial distribution of local water birds fauna, since that time there was hardly any migrations. In total 5.5 million birds of 133 species were counted during five August Counts. Forty species of them are included in the 3rd edition of the Red Data Book (RDB) of Ukraine, 35 of which are ecologically related to wetlands. The total amount of RDB birds was 179.5 thousand individuals, or 3.26 % of the total number of counted birds. Amount of birds varied from count to count between 21 and about 55 thousands of birds. In total 80 wetlands were covered by surveys, and in 73 of them (91.3 %), at least one time RDB species were recorded, that indicates the importance of the Azov-Black Sea coast for maintaining both local and migratory RDB birds. In five of the most valuable wetlands the percentage of counted birds from the total average value for all birds ranged from 5.3 % to 16.7 %, cumulatively making up 49.3 %. These are the following sites — Eastern Sivash, Lower part of the Ukrainian Danube Delta, Central Syvash, Kinburnskyi Peninsula, Lebedyni Islands.