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M. Luty-Błocho, M. Wojnicki, J. Grzonka and K.J. Kurzydłowski


In this work, the synthesis of the spherical clusters containing 3-4 nm platinum nanoparticles enclosed in a polymer capsule is described. The process of nanoparticles formation was intensified by using a microreactor. The application of microreactor enabled us to shorten the time of redox reaction and nucleation stage up to 6 seconds at 105°C in comparison with the process carried out in a batch reactor at 40°C. Using Vitamin C as a bio-reducer of platinum(IV) complexes and biocompatible polymers, the products non-toxic and environmentally friendly, stable for at least 9 months, were obtained. Presented procedure for nanoparticles synthesis seems to be an alternative method for platinum recovery from solutions containing platinum(IV) chloride complexions.

Open access

M. Żelechower, J. Kliś, E. Augustyn, J. Grzonka, D. Stróż, T. Rzychoń and H. Woźnica

The Microstructure of Annealed Galfan Coating on Steel Substrate

The commercially available Galfan coating containing 5-7wt.% of Al deposited on the low carbon steel substrate by hot dipping has been examined with respect to the microstructure of the coating/substrate interface area. The application of several experimental techniques (SEM/EDS, XRD, TEM/AEM/EDS/ED) allowed demonstrating the two-phase structure of the alloy coating in non-treated, commercially available Galfan samples: Zn-rich pre-eutectoid η phase grains are surrounded by lamellar eutectics of β-Al and η-Zn. The transition layer between the alloy coating and steel substrate with the considerably higher Al content (SEM/EDS, TEM/EDS) has been found in both non-treated and annealed samples (600°C/5 minutes). Only the monoclinic FeAl3Znx phase however was revealed in the annealed sample (TEM/electron diffraction) remaining uncertain the presence of the orthorhombic Fe2Al5Znx phase, reported by several authors.