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The tetracalcium phosphate/nanomonetite (TTCPMH) biocements with the addition of sodium alginate were prepared by mechanical homogenization of powder mixture with hardening liquid containing sodium alginate. The effect of various viscosity of different alginates on properties of TTCPMH cement mixture was investigated. The medium viscous (MED) alginate had a more negative effect on setting process and compressive strength than low viscous (LOW) alginate. An approx. 50% decrease in mechanical properties (compressive strengths, Young´s modulus, work of fracture (WOF)) was revealed after an addition of 0.25 wt % with rapid fall above 1 wt % of LOW alginate in biocement. A statistically significant difference in the WOF was found between of 0.25 and 0.5 LOW alginate biocements (p<0.035) whereas no statistical differences were revealed between WOF of 0.5 and 1 LOW alginate biocements (p˃0.357). In the microstructure of composite cements, the increased amounts of granular or finer needle-like nanohydroxyapatite particles arranged into the form of more separated spherical agglomerates were observed. A low cytotoxicity of cement extracts based on measurement of cell proliferation was revealed.