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  • Author: J. Alberto Conejero x
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It is still a challenge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of image denoising and enhancement methods. There exists denoising and enhancement methods that are able to improve visual quality of images. This is usually obtained by removing noise while sharpening details and improving edges contrast. Smoothing refers to the case of denoising when noise follows a Gaussian distribution.

Both operations, smoothing noise and sharpening, have an opposite nature. Therefore, there are few approaches that simultaneously respond to both goals. We will review these methods and we will also provide a detailed study of the state-of-the-art methods that attack both problems in colour images, separately.


This work is a review of current trends in the stray flux signal processing techniques applied to the diagnosis of electrical machines. Initially, a review of the most commonly used standard methods is performed in the diagnosis of failures in induction machines and using stray flux; and then specifically it is treated and performed the algorithms based on statistical analysis using cumulants and polyspectra. In addition, the theoretical foundations of the analyzed algorithms and examples applications are shown from the practical point of view where the benefits that processing can have using HOSA and its relationship with stray flux signal analysis, are illustrated.