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Five tortricines from Malaysia and New Caledonia (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Aoupinieta gen. n. and Homalernis mankoboi sp. n., H. jeriau sp. n., Peraglyphis silvana sp. n., Aoupinieta hollowayi sp. n., A. novaecaledoniae sp. n. are described as new. Arotrophora crustata Meyrick is transferred to Peraglyphis Common. Peraglyphis is new to the Oriental region.

Tortricines in the fauna of Nepal (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Five species of Tortricini and one Polyorthini are reported from Nepal. Acleris ganesia, A. gothena and Sociosa nesima are described as new. The hitherto unknown female genitalia of A. monagma Diakonoff are described, and data on the external variation in some species are provided.

Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from the Tervuren Museum, 1: Tortricini and Chlidanotini

Twelve species are treated; one genus (Congoprinsia gen. n.) and nine species (Paraccra chorogiae sp. n., Panegyra sokokana sp. n., Cornesia arabuco sp. n., Congoprinsia juratae sp. n., Apotoforma mayumbeana sp. n., A. kakamegae sp. n., Acleris cameroonana sp. n., Xeneboda congo sp. n., X. mayumbea sp. n.) are described as new.

Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from the Tervuren Museum, 4: Enarmoniini, Eucosmini and Grapholitini

Eleven species are treated; one genus (Congancylis gen. n.) and nine species (Ancylis tryssops sp. n., Congancylis ghesquieri sp. n., Gypsonoma ngangaona sp. n., Charitostega achrosta sp. n., Melanodaedala magdalina sp. n., Cryptophlebia dolia sp. n., Grapholita mutsorae sp. n., G. niveosa sp. n., Grapholita ueleana sp. n.) are described as new.

Systematics and distribution of Neotropical Microcorsini (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Distributional data on five species are provided; one species, Cryptaspasma montana sp. n. is described, and the hitherto unknown female genitalia of two other species are illustrated.

New species of Hynhamia Razowski and other genera close to Toreulia Razowski & Becker (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Seven genera and 24 species are treated; two genera (Ayazua gen. n., Ibateguara gen. n.) and 20 species (Hynhamia albicorpus sp. n., H. bahiana sp. n., H. diversa sp. n., H. patatea sp. n., Ayazua hyeroglyphica sp. n., Ramaperta telemaca sp. n., Brusqeulia guaramiranga sp. n., B. ceriphora sp. n., B. uncicera sp. n., B. costispina sp. n., B. bonita sp. n., B. tineimorpha sp. n., B. atrograpta sp. n., B. caracagena sp. n., B. baeza sp. n., B. monoloba sp. n., B. jacupiranga sp. n., B. atrocentra sp. n., Limeulia cimoliochroa sp. n., Ibateguara spinosissima sp. n.). Paraneulia Razowski & Becker, 1999 is synonimized with Hynhamia Razowski, 1987.

Records and descriptions of Neotropical Megalota Diakonoff (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Twelve species of Megalota are reported from the Neotropics; four of them (M. platanillana sp. n. from Mexico, M. belemana sp. n., M. lacertospina sp. n. and M. bahia sp. n. from Brazil) are described as new.

Revision of the Neotropical genus Tsinilla Heinrich (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Neotropical species of Tsinilla known to date are listed, and 14 species are discussed, five of which (T. basirufa sp. n., T. merana sp. n., T. rhopos sp. n., T. kilastra sp. n., T. roseonigra sp. n.) are described as new. Argyroploce impolita Meyrick and Olethreutes isopercna Meyrick are transferred to Tsinilla.


Forty-seven species are discussed. One new genus (Daedaluncus gen. n.) and 15 new species (Adoxophyes vitilevu sp. n., Adoxophyes niuwudi sp. n., Atriscripta strigana sp. n., Helictophanes saccifera sp. n., Loboschiza oxybela sp. n., Epinotia prepuncus sp. n., Daedaluncus fijiensis sp. n., Coenobiodes vitiae sp. n., Tritopterna rakiraki sp. n., Spilosoma oligospina sp. n., Strepsicrates rotundata sp. n., Eccoptocera platamon sp. n., Herpystis sunia sp. n., Herpystis spinoa sp. n., Cryptophlebia ferrugulla sp. n.) are described and illustrated.


Ten species of Labidosa are discussed; three of them (L. fontainei sp. n., L. angolana sp. n., L. spania sp. n.) are newly described; five species are transferred to Labidosa from other genera. New combinations: the following three species, L. cerioschema, L. cyanombra and L. myriodesma are transferred from Homona and L. symmetra from Cacoecia to Labidosa.