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Teresa Baczyńska, Józef Głowiński and Adam Hałat

Modelling of the gas combustion process

This paper reports on a procedure which leads to the assessment of the KG values without the need of determining the maximal rate of pressure rise by experiments. A simulation is proposed of the combustion process in its simplest form, i.e. one-dimensional propagation of the flame. Such simulation enables the burning velocity Su to be assessed. Knowing the Su values for different compositions of the flammable mixture makes it possible to determine the Su, max value. Once the correlation between Su,max and KG has been established, this will enable us to assign an appropriate value of KG to that of the maximal burning velocity. An example of such a correlation is given. It refers to flammable mixtures of a comparatively low burning velocity.

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Przemysław Malinowski, Andrzej Biskupski and Józef Głowiński

Preparation methods of calcium sulphate and urea adduct

The paper presents the results of laboratory studies on the preparation of calcium sulphate and urea adduct by: grinding, compacting and mixing in the presence of physical water. A method for the measurement of urea conversion into the adduct form, which is based on the difference in solubility of free urea and the adduct bound urea CaSO4·4CO(NH2)2 in n-butanol, was developed. Mixing the reagents in the presence of physical water produced the best results. High urea conversion into the adduct form, over 85%, in the prepared samples indicates that this method can be successfully used to get CaSO4·4CO(NH2)2 adduct.