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Risks Due to Variability of K-Day Extreme Precipitation Totals and Other K-Day Extreme Events

Several alternative definitions of extreme events are proposed. As the first step a statistical analysis of daily precipitation measurement time series from the Hurbanovo SHMI Observatory and elaboration of potentially dangerous precipitation events is carried out. Then, combined characteristics based on daily temperature, daily air humidity and daily precipitation totals are computed. The drought index based on normalized deviations from long-term averages is defined. Alternatively, to define extreme events "Data envelopment analysis" (DEA) is employed with K-day periods of values of temperature, humidity and precipitation corresponding to decision making units. In this paper we have used the period of K = 10 days for both methodologies for identification of extreme events. The results of all definitions of extreme events are compared.


The paper focuses on measuring and evaluating the impact of selected technical and technological factors -the height of adjustable guides and stretching force - on the side deflection of the saw band of a joinery band saw. There is a detailed description of the ways the side deflection can be measured. In order to find out the intensity of the stretching force was used portable tension meter SANDVIK 5000, enabling to check the tensile stress in the saw blades of a gang saw or in the saw bands of a band saw. The actual experiment was conducted on a joinery band saw, at the cutting rate vc = 15 m·s-1. The results of the measurements confirmed the theoretical assumption of the impact of the selected technical and technological factors on the stability of the saw band, where the side deflection decreases with increasing stretching force and increases with increasing height of the guides. The stability of the saw band affects the quality of the surface to be treated, thus saving the cost of machining the workpiece and making work productivity more efficient.