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Dorota Kijowska and Izabella Legocka

Polyetherols from melamine cyanurate and ethylene carbobate - synthesis and application

The results of the study on the reactions of melamine cyanurate with ethylene carbonate were presented. As a result of the reactions, polyetherols containing thermostabile 1,3,5-triazine and perhyroxo-1,3,5-triazine rings in their structure were obtained. Basic physical properties such as density, viscosity, hydroxyl number, weight changes were measured. The polyetherols were applied as a polyol component to receiving of thermoresistant polyurethane foams. Some of the properties of the obtained foams were investigated. The value of the apparent density is between 51 and 71 kg/m3, compressive strength 222-356 kPa and the content of the open pores between 14-33%. Thermal resistance was also studied by means of the TGA method. It was found that oxygen index of the selected compositions is between 20-22%.

Open access

Izabella Legocka, Ewa Wierzbicka, Talal Al-Zahari and Osazuwa Osawaru

Modified halloysite as a filler for epoxy resins

The modification methods of halloysite and further applications of the modified mineral as a filler for epoxy resins have been presented. The advantage of ultrasound treatment prior to chemical modification with an organic compound in order to obtain a hybrid filler was confirmed. The analysis of the composites obtained with the use of the modified halloysite (3-5 wt.% range) as a filler for epoxy resins indicates an improved interphase interaction and mechanical properties in comparison to the composites based on neat halloysite.