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  • Author: István Varga x
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We determined the elemental profile of 16 edible mushroom species from the Făget Forest, near Cluj-Napoca, and of 12 species from the Apuseni Mountains. One-way ANOVA showed no difference in the elemental content of mushrooms when the two regions were compared. Some species accumulated high amounts of trace elements, i.e. Boletus edulis (Ag, S, Zn), Macrolepiota procera (Cu), Lactarius volemus (Co), Russula emetica (Mn), Armillariella mellea, and Chantarellus cibarius (Cr). The cadmium content was the highest in the case of Leccinum scabrum and Boletus edulis. These two species presented elevated risk levels for all age-groups when they are consumed regularly.


The knowledge of road traffic parameters is of crucial importance to ensure state-of-the-art traffic services either in public or private transport. In our days, a plethora of road traffic data are continuously collected producing historical and real-time traffic information as well. The available information, however, arrive from inhomogeneous sensor systems. Therefore, a data fusion methodology is proposed based on Switching Kalman Filter. The concept enables efficient travel time estimation for urban road traffic network. On the other hand, the method may contribute to a better macroscopic traffic modelling.