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  • Author: Iosif Adrian Marosan x
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In this paper is presented a model of locomotion system with omnidirectional wheels for mobile platforms for the industrial environment. In the first part of the paper is made a brief description of the type of wheels used, what are their advantages and disadvantages. In the paper the emphasis is placed on omnidirectional wheels of Mecanum type and all their possibilities of movement are presented. Also presented is the design and sizing of a complete locomotion system for an omnidirectional mobile platform that serves the industrial environment. The chosen kinematic scheme and the calculation of the dimensioning of the necessary motors, the determination of the forces acting on the platform when moving in horizontal plane and the determination of the forces acting on the platform when moving on the ramp are presented.


This paper presents a brief description of the main systems found in a platform or in an autonomous omnidirectional mobile robot. Each system is described and presents its important role for the functionality of the robot and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using these systems. Concrete examples are presented for the omnidirectional locomotion system, the kinematics of the omnidirectional locomotion, the sensory system of the robot and the navigation systems that can be implemented. The paper wants to highlight the main systems that we must take into account in creating an autonomous mobile robot with omnidirectional wheels.