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Vasile Băncilă is a thinker to be placed where he fits in the hierarchy of values of Romanian philosophers. Therefore, this text invokes some “start-up frames”, through which we offer a range of accents of the reception of the intellectual and philosophical dowry left by the author. Vasile Băncilă left posterity printed texts, but also thousands of sheets written over four decades of life, unfinished and not ready to be printed. Some of them are from his youth; on some of these focuses this text, namely on what meant for the young philosophy professor Vasile Băncilă the act or the process of philosophizing.


This study aims to highlight the problem of justice in Karl Marx’s vision from the perspective of the critique of capitalism. Although, there is a strong dialectic in the socio-political and philosophical debates among political thinkers (including Marxists) on the existence or non-existence of a theory of justice in Marxism, the exegesis of Marxist writings reveals two types of justice (“Justice through fair distribution and Justice through the dictatorship of the proletariat”). The first aspect the study proposes is to reinforce and argue for the existence of a Marxist theory of Justice, followed by a critical analysis of how this is reflected in both socialist and communist society.