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Imre József Balázs is a Hungarian poet, literary critic, editor and literary historian from Romania. His main subject of interest and research area is the Hungarian avant-garde from Romania. His research and work prove his attachment to Romanian literature as well - especially with the avant-garde. For example, he deals with Gellu Naum’s poems for children and their translation. Thus, he fulfils the role of a mediator between Hungarian and Romanian literature not only through his studies and academic papers written in Romanian, but also through his contributions to the appearance of Hungarian poets in literary anthologies written in Romanian language. Furthermore, he plays an important role in publishing the Hungarian translations of Romanian poetry, thus becoming a mediator between the Hungarian and Romanian cultures.


There are countless ways of crossing borders, be they physical, geographic, social, economic, cultural or psychological. When coming up against a border, one has two options: either to cross it or to remain within. This essay investigates Csaba Székely’s Bányavidék [Mine District] trilogy primarily from the perspective of such concepts of imagology as region, center-periphery dichotomy, identity, image, representation, as well as stereotypes and clichés, and examines whether the playwright truly deconstructs such stereotyped representations of the specific geographical and cultural space and its people the trilogy focuses on.